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i’m a full two days, (working on three) late for my period. I wipe yesterday when i got up and there was a teeny bit of blood but that’s it, I have had any blood since what could it be for it to just stop like that??


  • over 12 hours later there’s just now a bit more? probably a late period🤷🏻‍♀️ it’s just weird because my period NEVER starts like this is usually heavy from day one on never “spotting”
  • there was a bit more but the pic didn’t send through with my other comment 
  • If it doesn’t turn heavier like a period, you could test when it stops just in case.
  • rachel i tested this afternoon it was negative but i’ve have no more spotting since this morning. i took a dollar general 1$ test
  • I would maybe wait a day or two and test first thing in the morning 
  • I'm in same situation right now period was due 16th Jan but last night had 2 spots of blood then wiped again and it was one really light pink spot nothing since no pain just stiff back the last few days. Have you tested again? Fingers crossed for BFP XX
  • I too have had spotting but that is normal when the egg is embedding itself. The general rule is if it is slightly darker to brown and very little that you don't need to wear a pad - just spotting and nothing to worry about. If it is bright red like fresh blood and you need a pad see your doctor ASAP.

    I did have some spotting after wiping for about a week and talked to a midwife about it, confirmed that there was nothing to worry about - just keep an eye on it but so far it has stopped.
  • @MrsDizz Sunday 19th had one pink spot then nothing until today I wiped once n a bit of brown discharge about 2hrs ago n now nothing I don't know what's going on im 6days late I took a test Monday afternoon n BFN xxx

  • @Kaayy171991 There can be many reasons for a late period - I have missed one due to stress. The brown discharge sounds like what I had last week plus might want to be careful with testing too early - I didn't get a positive test till week 8, but I think my hormone level was too low for the test to detect.
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