Third Trimester February-May

New thread over here ladies as we head into third trimester this month @Kleor @Rockinmom2 @Rachel.a21 @Lillian2410  @MillP @EmJ3 @Rach24 @jhunek @Chellefish @natty2017

sorry if I’ve missed anyone! 


  • I made it over yay. 

    Hope everyone is doing ok, I’ve had a lazy Saturday morning as drained from work. DH is at work and I’m just getting up got to go out and run a few errands before we watch the rugby today. 

    Been a busy start to the year here between my sister having her little boy in January and my best friends girl arriving last week so I’ve been getting lots of baby cuddles in. 

    24 weeks exactly today for me, so not quite in the 3rd trimester yet but getting there. Got my Gestational Diabetes test and next mw app on Wednesday so hoping that all goes ok. Starting to feel stronger movements from the little one but still quite sporadic just want to know she’s keeping ok in there. 
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    Thanks so much for setting up the new thread @Sunshine8888!! I was lazy and didnt do it. 

    Happy 3rd to anyone who’s there! Someone asked about due dates earlier, @Rachel.a21 I think. I’m April 30. My 9 week scan placed me at April 25, which tracks close to my ovulation date, but because it wasn’t a week ahead they didn’t change me, so, the closer it gets the more I’m hoping it’s earlier haha. 
    Also, about the protein, no, I’ve never tried shakeology, I use a brand called Earth Balance, you can get it almost anywhere. It’s completely plant based, so there’s no fortified vitamin A, which is what you’re referring to @Lillian2410. Women can have as much naturally occurring Vitamin A, from fruits and veggies, as they want. And I do the shake because I’m a vegetarian and when I’m not pregnant, vegan. I eat most of my protein in fruits/veg or soy, but the bit I get from there is helpful :smile: and very safe

    @Chellefish welcome over! Happy 24 weeks, almost there. Hope your GD year foes well this week!

    ive got my shower today. I don’t like the attention, but I’m trying to be positive about it since I know everyone just wants to celebrate. And even though it seems a bit early to me, I’ll be glad to have the time to organize and figure out what we still need to get ready. I’m a big planner lol

    Hope everyone has a good weekend!
  • Rachel.a21 I use Purition shakes, which are all-natural and I even use vegan version. I had a consultation with a dietitian and she said they are really good and particularly as I don't eat meat I should definitely stick with them. I guess all depends on the type of shakes and most importantly on their content. x
  • Im vegiterian too and my iron sits naturally low hence why I am anemic too... the iron tablets have really helped with my palpitations though which is really reassuring .. won’t of us won’t get iron re tested until 28 weeks but because they’ve monitored other bloods it’s showed up from 20 weeks. I defo don’t think I have enough protein maybe I get most of mine from cheese as I have really gone off eggs too but have eaten white fish for the first time in years as I know I am really struggling for protein and it’s the only thing I can sacrifice as I couldn’t think of eaten any red meat or chicken 

    Aww have a lovely shower ! I’m not having one this time but having fun organising my sisters shower she’s having a surprise which is making the colour scheme really hard. 
  • Eek as if we’re into this thread now!! 
    I’m still a few weeks from third trimester but it feels like the time is flying this pregnancy so I’ll be there before I know it! 
    Hope everyone has a good weekend whatever you’ve got planned xx
  • Glad you’ve made it over ladies! Whether there already or if you’re going into third trimester this month then you’re in the right place 😊
  • I will have to try those brands of shakes you guys use. 

    Does anyone have a nursery coming along? I have all of my ideas, but I husband has to paint her nursery this week so we can get stuff in there. I already have her mattress and her crib was delivered yesterday.

    i have an appointment on Thursday, so we will see if my actual doctor comments on my weight gain or if it was just the other doctor I saw. 

    @Rockinmom2 I hope you have fun at your shower! My sister is throwing me one in April since my son is already 8 and now I’m having a girl. It’s been quite a while since I’ve had a baby around lol 
  • Enjoy your shower @Rockinmom2
    I don’t know if I’ll have one this time, I’d like one as I didn’t have one with my son. 

    @Rachel.a21! We need to move our son into the bigger bedroom and then redo his room as the nursery, I still like the decor in his room so will probably just freshen it up tbh. Baby will be in with us for 6 months so plenty of time to get it all sorted! 
    I’ve had to start sorting the other bedroom out though as I use it as a dressing room atm so got to have a real good clear out of clothes etc :-( 

    hopefully your actual doctor will be much kinder!! I have my next midwife appointment on Monday, looking forward to hearing the heartbeat again and to see how my bump is measuring!
  • @MillP I am in a similar situation. The room we are using for the nursery has an extra clothes rack in it, so I’ve been using it to store my son’s clothes 🙈 now we have to get that cleaned out and move all of his clothes to his closet after we organize. I am just anxious to get everything in her room and set up! We are painting her room a mint color to match a canvas I bought to decorate. But you’re right! Baby will be in our room for a while in a bassinet, so I do have more time than it seems like
  • I’m going to ask this time how my bump is measuring. The doctors never say how it’s measuring at my appointments for some reason 
  • I literally have no idea where baby will be after she moves to a crib. We’ve got a bassinet set up in our room and will stick with that for at least 3-6 months depending on how she sleeps. I don’t know whether to move my son and daughter in together (they’re 6 & 4) or what I’m hoping, is that she’s a good sleeper and I can move her in with my daughter. Buuuut, no real plan right now lol
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    We totally got spoiled today. As much as I didn’t want this shower, lol, I had such a wonderful, relaxed time and am so grateful. It’s getting so close! The last one is my sweet girl wearing her ‘big sister’ button :)
  • @Rockinmom2 That’s great!! I’m looking forward to my shower. Where did you get your dress? You look beautiful!
  • glad you had a lovely relaxed day @Rockinmom2 - it's not really a thing in the UK I think.... are any of you based in the UK having any kind of baby shower? Just curious....
  • I’m in the UK and I had one @Kleor and it was so cute. Just my female family and friends. We did funny baby bingo and guess the weight and date etc. my friend filled nappies with nice smells and you had to guess them. Also my friends wrote messages on nappies to help with the night feeds! It really was a lovely girly day with wine (nosecco for me), savory food and cake etc. I would highly recommend if you fancy it!xxx
  • @Rockinmom2 you look amazing for
  • Lovely pics @Rockinmom2 and @EmJ3 💕

    I’m in the UK and choose not to have one but that’s just a personal decision. 

    Here is my little babba with a foot in her face. So in love already 😍 
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    @Sunshine8888  such a wonderful picture! Was it you who said she was head down? Did they say will she stay that way or can she flip around still?

    Thanks everyone! It really was lovely. @EmJ3 yours looks beautiful too!

    @Rachel.a21 I actually borrowed it from my girlfriend (who is my age and has 4 kids 5 and under yikes haha, so she has all the good stuff) but it’s from Target. I figured I probably wouldn’t ever wear it again, so better that way. But I actually felt beautiful, which is rare these days. 

    I’m thoroughly exhausted today. Yesterday took it out of me and this baby will not stop moving at night! 
  • @Sunshine8888 - she looks so much like a real baby! Must have been an amazing experience.

    I've just got home from picking up baby things from friends and it suddenly all feels a lot closer! So many clothes!! also a moses basket, playmat, baby bath and various other bits and bobs. 

    Not sure about the baby shower thing, will perhaps have more of a pre-baby gathering with family and close friends nearer the time...

    can't believe its the final stretch now, though I imagine it may drag.... getting more uncomfortable now with backpain so I can't imagine how it will be in another few months. hope you've all had a good weekend! 
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