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Tilted uterus ultrasounds

Does anyone have any advice or personal stories about having a tilted uterus and ultrasound being difficult in first trimester.  I should be 8 weeks today give or take a day and I had a early private scan just for reassurance and she said firstly I have a tilted uterus which I've never been informed of before and this made it difficult to see everything properly on the scan then she said I'm measuring small baby 5 to 6 weeks and couldn't detect a heartbeat. I was sent to my hospital today and same procedure done again this lady told me that she was having a problem seeing things clearly and also mentioned my tilted uterus again. Have to go back in 2 agonising weeks to see if anything has progressed or not. Following this u have seen lots of stories on missed miscarriage and also lots of stories on tilted uterus and not being able to see baby properly untill weeks later then heartbeat and larger shows up more clearly. I'm torn on what to think with all these different scenarios, I had a miscarriage last year at 5 week 6 days and bled first miscarriage I've had ,I've had 3 children prior to that. 


  • @90schick I had early scan at 8+6 and was told straight away had tilted uterus but that it’s common and just makes things harder to see. She did manage to get a good view even with it though. Unfortunately she then couldn’t find heartbeat or blood flow through umbilical cord..went to A&E and had repeat scan, they found it hard to see too so did internal scan to confirm MMC. Baby was measuring 8+5 though so even with the tilt they were able to date correctly and obviously heart had stopped somewhere in previous 24 hours. Were you offered an internal scan? Are you are 100% sure of your ovulation date too? I hope it’s not bad news for you and your bean and you get some answers soon. I can imagine how stressed you are about it now. 
  • @Babog83 thanks for replying and sorry to hear of your experience .yes I'm very low about it all atm ,2 weeks is such a long time to wait to hear what is happening.  Iv been given internal scan but still it wasnt very clear the 2nd one at hospital she actually said it was clearer abdominally which is odd. Yes I'm pretty sure when I ovulated and I also had a positive pregnancy test 10 days after I ovulated. All this uncertainty is just terrible ,its mental torture really as you dont want to be positive incase it's bad news and atm it isnt looking good x
  • @90schick I’m so sorry ur going through this. 2 weeks is a really long time and I agree it’s mental torture 😢 Can you ask them to repeat in 1 week rather than 2 even? I really feel for you. But hopefully it’s not going to be bad news for you.xx
  • @Babog83 thanks for you kind words. Think 2 weeks is the standard time they have to leave it ,unfortunately for anyone going through it it is tough xx
  • so sorry you are going through this.

    yes 2 weeks is standard, I had a private early scan back in april, they said it looked more like 6-7 week rather than the 10 weeks I should have been, went back a week later to the private place and it hadn't developed. called my midwife they got me In the hosp and they were 99% sure it wasn't viable but have to leave it 2 weeks just incase as every can make mistakes and they wouldn't want to misjudge so the 2 weeks is because they would be able to see a significant difference. x
  • Did you not bleed at all @amnx ? Sorry for your terrible experience it's really bloody hard xx
  • I didn't bleed until the day before I was due to go back to the hospital for the 2nd scan which I would have been 13+1. 
    I then had another MC in October but found out at my 12 week scan, I opted for the d&c as the first time it was so painful and awful to see I didn't want to go through that again.

    ive got my fingers crossed for you I hope everything turns out okay!xx
  • Thanks @amnx sounds very traumatic for you ❤
  • it has been but you have to just get on with it I suppose, we are still trying for our first baby. 
    let us know how you get on x
  • I'm so sad to read these :(@Amnx did you have any idea that it wasn't growing right before you had your scan?
  • Thanks @Amnx I wish u all the luck , I will do xx
  • @SmithL35 hey, the worst part is no, I didn't have any idea I had all my symptoms even till the day of the d&c because the sac was growing It was giving off hormones. 

    @90schick thankyou. you too xx
  • That's just cruel @amnx ❤❤
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