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Smoking while pregnant

Now I’m not very proud of all this so please no judgment. 
Last year me and my partner started smoking weed to relax. I then found out I was pregnant with our second child beginning of December. I tried to stop smoking but it only lasted a month. I haven’t told anyone else and I would rather not. I just wanna know if a midwife can tell by a pee sample that I smoke weed? 


  • I think it's very important to let your midwife know. 
    They can keep a closer eye on baby and be prepared for any complications that may arise due to it. 
    They will be able to tell you smoke (weed or normal cigs) after birth as the texture of the placenta will be noticeably different to that of a healthy placenta. 

    Deffo do the right thing, if you can't quit quit you should at least have the courage to tell your midwife who can advise and help you and your baby 

    Good luck
  • I smoke but not weed I have cut down massively and told my midwife I’m down to maybe under two a day from over 20, I’ve been referred to stop smoking clinic who are trying me with different things to help it is horrible and you do get judged (although my midwife is great) i did the carbon monoxide? Test which actually came out really low which I was pleased about, I am trying desperately to stop, I think you should tell you midwife and then she can support you in the best way possible 
  • I don’t believe it’s part of routine lab work. But I would def be honest about it. My sister friend smoked weed her whole pregnancy and she was born with Microcephaly. It’s best to be honest with them. Good luck 
  • Thank you all for your advice. I don’t smoke a lot, only 4 a day. And I am trying my best to quit I just wanted to know if they would know 
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