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I have recent found out I’m pregnant, I’m only about 4 weeks, I told my boyfriend as soon as I found out. 

We have argued none stop about what we are going to do. 

He’s told me over and over again to just get rid of it. I’m so conflicted, whenever me and him don’t speak I kind of like the thought of bringing this little bundle of joy into the world. But then when we do speak I get confused and start leaning towards getting an abortion. 
I feel so lost atm I only found out about 3 days ago. 

I would like to add my partner has made it clear he would only stay with me and in my life if I got with of it, I feel very pressured because I do love him, I understand that men also have a choice within this kind of situation and I’m putting that into consideration. 
I fear I will never be able to forgive myself if I get an abortion, but I also fear raising a baby alone.


  • That does sound like a very difficult situation - I can't imagine how you must be feeling right now.

    Do you have anyone you can speak to or that can support you at home? Perhaps family or friends? Whatever you decide you're going to need support and it doesn't sound like your partner will necessarily be the best person for that. 

    I would urge you to take a deep breath and relax. Allow yourself time to think about and process this. Consider what your life would be like in each of the scenarios. You don't need to rush to make your decision. Depending on what country you're in you have a long time to make your decision - of course you'll want to decide as soon as possible but it's better to make the right decision a week later than the wrong decision today.

    If you're in the UK you could potentially have your booking appointment with the midwife and talk things through with them. If you wanted to speak to a midwife sooner you could ask your local GP surgery for the number of the local community midwife team and see if you can speak to one of them for advice.

    Good luck with everything.  I hope everything works out for you.
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