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bleeding - helpppp?

apologies for TMI ladies.. for about 4 days i have had some brown discharge which i know is normal i am 7 weeks today and i woke up yesterday morning to pee and when i wiped there was blood. i rang my doctor and they basically said there is nothing they can do as i am very early on they have referred me for an early pregnancy scan tomorrow morning but last night the bleeding got slightly heavier and there was tiny clots and i mean tiny!! went to A and E and they basically said there wasn’t much they can do and said the early pregnancy unit will ring me in the morning and advise me what to do. nobody called me i rang the hospital and no referral was sent last night and they said they would call me back asap when the sister on duty was free. i have an early scan tomorrow but i was just wondering if that has happened to anyone else? i have inserted 2 photos of the bleeding sorry for the TMI

all advice is appreciated- take care X


  • @Sarafmama thank you will look now, is there anything to worry about do you think?
  • thank you! yes i will thank you for your advice x
  • I dont know what to say only doctors will be able to figure this out through ultrasound. But red blood with clots is alarming during the pregnancy. If it stops and doesnt get heavier your pregnancy might still be there. But if it gets heavier it can be miscarriage let's hope u will find answers when u have scan . Fingers crossed for you hun
  • @ayana thank you fingers crossed it is all okay just hoping it’s good news! x
  • Hi im in a smiliar situation can you please share an update 
  • I am 6 weeks doctor scan internally and externally but couldn’t see anything so did blood work yesterday to check on my hormones level and again will do another blood work tomorrow.. no heavy bleeding or clots.. it’s basically when wiping down. One on pad it’s too little n turning brown) to me (it looks different than my period bleeding) crossing my fingers at this point.
  • Can you update me on what's happened since you went for your scan? In going through the exact same thing 😭
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