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I'll guess your babys gender

Hi ladies... First of congratulations.... If you have had your 12 week scan and curious to find out gender ease send a pic of your Scsn photo and ill do my best if i can see what I need to see I'm more accurate I don't go by skull or rqmzi as both have been debunked just nub. Xx



  • Hi, can you please guess my babys gender.. 20 week scan and i didnt find out x 
  • Is this scan from your 20th wk scan? I need your 12 week scan known as, daring scan to guess accurately as I can't see what I'm looking at 20th wk x
  • Also if you have more then 1 photo from 12 weeks scan upload them all as I wil be more accurate the more I see x
  • This is my 13 week scan done in another country because I wasn’t here x
  • Really sorry hun I can't actualy see anything images are too small and blurry to even make out the gender. Xx
  • Awww its okay, thank you for trying x
  • Are these clearer? X 
  • There's no other pics hun? 
  • I see. Nope there not good ones if I'm honest no for gender guessing. Need a profile shot with bottom half of body xx
  • Aww okay, thank you x
  • Hi, I'll post 2 pics from 12 weeks, hopefully they are good enough 

    Thanks in advance xx

  • Are they your only pics hun... I think I can see something indicating gender but would like to see another pic if you have any... How far was you was u past the 12th wk mark x
  • This was 12 weeks exactly, I have another one tomorrow  as my official dating one, so if they are good pics I could post them, would you mind telling me your thoughts? Thank you for replying xx
  • If your 12 wks exactly In these pics how far will you be in dating Scsn tomorrow? X
  • You first /top scan pic. Slight girl lean. Cannot see anything indicating gender on 2nd pic. If your pics tomorow are clearer and full profile upload one of those and I'll try be a bit more accurate. Not 100% on these scans pics as they don't look like 12 wk photos maybe 9or 10 wks ish. Xx
  • I will be 14 weeks tomorrow, these were taking 2 weeks ago as a precautionary scan for pains and they measured me  at 12 weeks  xx
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