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Have anyone had 2 weeks late FA, BFN, then gone one to have BFP? I am CD21, reg 28 days


Had anyone experienced BFN, beyond 2-week later periods then BFP?
Upton date I had reg 28 days cycles. Now, I am 17 D Post FA.
We did not protected, I did not tracked ovulation.
I have app, which I know is general.
We consummated  CD 14, then CD 22 and 23-24 ( we went to beach, v relaxing time), then CD 29 and 30 ( when FA was due)
CD 21 ( 2 - 4 June) I had for 3 -4 days extreme painful to touch nipples, and very unusual to me, LB back ache that I had to lie down during day as well from. I had also some belly cramps, mostly LHS low belly.
I don’t know what got into me, but I guess, as my DD went to visit mother over BH weekends after encounter CD but straight after encounter CD14,  I did castor oil packs on my lower and liver for few days twice a day as I found it soothing, and had a water detox 2x days, then after a day another x 2 days ( normal to me which before did not affected FA start in any way).

I continued taking:
TakeCoQ10, Folic.

this cycle only : started Vitex ( Chase Berry) up to missed period, CD28, 1 a day.

I am having some left leg cramps and what's most interestingly, occasionally around the foot and last night my toe was tingling. 

Occasionally, I get light cramp in lower abdomen, sometimes in Right hand, today it is most in lower RHS. But yesterday appears to eb without symptoms. Only once I felt nauseous, after I drunk banana smoothies with peanut butter and whey protein. stopped.

5 days ago I went for a longer walk, and got home with heavy feet ( I remember from prior pregnancy ), had to calm with leg up for 45 min reading.

I tested few times - all FBN, 3 days ago I splashed out on First Response blue - it was BFN, today it was a Boots strip with past date Feb 2020, I awaiting others.

When I called DP last Tue, they said to wait for 3 weeks ( i.e. 7th week) then to call them if no FA. 7th week will be Tue 30.06. I am definitely bloated, and did not changed my diet.

Last Sunday ( 6 days ago) my girlfriend did a blood test for PG we bought off line ( cheap ) it was Neg. A urine test 2 days after missed period was Neg too.Couple days ago I had migraine.

With one of my PG only I remember I had an ongoing migraines for approx. 2,5 months into that echoes’ to me.

Has anyone have BFN, over 2 weeks missed period, then gone on to have BFP?
I am over 40, so it might be an early PMS, however, just wondering.
I have two natural birth near teenagers, my maternal grandma appears to have a Nat birth without realising she was pregnant at 55 ( that is after 6 x children, 2 x were twins), my mother said she started PMS at about 46-48 and stopped at 52.

 so much info about finding PF 5-6 day before Fa, and shortly afterwards, but what about this? 
GP also said that they might send me to Hospital for simple PG blood test. SO, I am here to see if anyone might have experienced anything? sign off ectopic? I read that Vitex have to eb taken for a long time in order to alter progesterone's in lute rial, second part....
Apologies for length.


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