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Am i pregnant?

so im 11 days post sex and 8 days pre period and im noticing some weird things. I had sex the day i started to ovulate, generally i am pretty moist down there during the week of ovulation and this time i was for a day and then absolutely nothing which is super odd!  A couple days ago when i took my bra off my breast were like rocks! But it was just that day. I work out everyday and the last four or five days i sweat like an absolute animal its so much!  I also have a fitbit tracker and monitor my heart rate and its usually very consistent and rhe last four days everyday has gone up a point and even my lowest which is usually between a 50-55 now doesnt go any lower then a 60. I dont know if its all just over thinking or if maybe its a pregnancy. Anyone have any opinion?  I usually start to spot 5 days before my period should start so if i dont i plan to buy a test in four more days


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