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Cramping 4 weeks

Evening guys,

am currently 4 weeks pregnant early I know :) I have been having my hcg measured at the hospital it’s gone from 212 to 511 however this evening I’m experiencing cramping almost feels like af type pains :/ no bleeding is this normal am I just over thinking things any help appreciated Xx


  • this is very normal its ur uterus stretching and ur organs long as theres no blood and the cramps arent severe then u r ok <3
  • @Catlady220 thank you for taking the time to reply woke up and they have eased of just bad trapped wind 🙈😂 
  • @Bethany12 your going to have cramps here and there from your muscles stretching and organs 6+6 estimated today and ive had cramps here and there.....just try to relax
  • Very normal.  I had the same with my last pregnancy at 5 weeks and everything was ok :) congratulations! X
  • Thank you they seemed to be non existent now get them now and again 5 weeks and 1 day today :) x
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