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Grieving during pregnancy

Mamaiof2Mamaiof2 New
edited Aug 18, 2020 8:13AM in Pregnancy
When I was 8 weeks pregnant my mom was diagnosed with cancer and died 12 weeks later. I never thought I could feel pain like this. I'm now 33 weeks pregnant and facing the birth of my child without my mother. I live abroad and am away from the rest of my family but I do have my very supportive husband. I find that I dream about her the time and I break down regularly. I miss her so much and it still shocks me that she's gone. I think a lot about her when she was sick and I feel so sorry for her that her illness took over so quickly. She was so brave.  I don't know what kind of advice I'm looking for. Has anyone else experienced this loss during their pregnancy? What did you do to help with your grief? 


  • I am so sorry you have gone through this. I lost my dad 4 months ago when I was 34 weeks pregnant. I had my daughter 1 month and 2 days after his death. It was and still is very hard to know my daughter is growing up without her pa. He never got to meet his granddaughter. I’m not sure I really have any advice as I’m still dealing with this too. I just look at my daughter and know he’s looking down on her and that he loves her, even though he can’t be here. 
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