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Scan not matching LMP - possibly ovulated later

Hi, is it possible to have some feedback/advice. I naively had an early scan, at which I thought I was nearer 9 weeks - sonographer advised I was just over 5 weeks with no hb....I have a tilted uterus, but was able to see a fetal pole. In all honesty the sonographer was very down on the whole scan, I came away thinking the baby has died or just isnt growing? I have googled and basically made myself worse - I have no pains or bleeding and i still have symptoms of pregnancy, not every day but most. The biggest issue i have is I feel hungover and find it hard to eat. Anyway i have my NHS scan on 11/09/20, couple days after my 37th birthday. I now know this will not be my 12 week scan, but hopeful baby just has to catch up. My cycle is exactly consistent either, possible this has altered ovulation etc.



  • Hello @LollyS12 I didn't want to read and run. I have no experience of this but it could be possible that you ovulated later. I'm so sorry you're going through this stress and worry. Would you consider going for another private scan next week and that way you would know if baby is growing any? Rather than wait until 11th Sept? Sending big hugs and thinking of you xxx
  • @LollyS12 hi , it depends how sure  you are of dates ? 4 weeks is quite a difference.  Do you track or use bbt or opks ? I had a very similar experience earlier this year and was very worried etc ,it really depends on how sure you are of your cycle ,i was certain of mine x
  • Hi @cheesecoleslaw86 and @90schick thank you both for the reply x  I have the flo app, going back from January, there is a couple of months that I have a 32 day cycle?  I lay last night and explained to my partner that I'm pretty sure conception was the 28th of June, I have logged this also - but thinking I may have ovulated later and I didnt take my pregnancy test on the 5th of July as I thought, it was the 12th - which really makes me 6 weeks.... I'm not trying to skip over the possibility of a non viable pregnancy but if I have got dates mixed up :-( I spoke with my midwife, who I'm seeing with the nurse on the 1st September for bloods etc.  The midwife advised against another scan and just to hold off until 11th - this is all typical of me, DRAMA :-(

    L x
  • Hi @LollyS12 I have a 30 day cycle I ovulated on the 30th of June and am now 10 weeks 5days . You would of had to ovulate way later like weeks later . If I were you i probably would have a private scan . Im not saying its not possible but your cycle would be way off normal for this to work out with those dates . Im surprised they have you coming into bloods etc aswel without making sure this is a viable pregnancy.  I know its all a worry etc xx
  • @LollyS12 dont forget when you get a positive test you are already classed as 3 to 4 weeks pregnant depending on how early you find out xx 
  • Thank you @90schick I'm surprised too - il keep you updated x

  • My last period was 22nd June and I ovulated around 9th July. Got a positive test on 18th July and I am 9 weeks.

    I would definitely go for another scan. Its unfair to make you wait for so long. It could be you ovulated a lot later than you think.

    I am sorry you are going through this xxx
  • Thank you @cheesecoleslaw86 for your support - it's much appreciated xx
  • @lollys12 I wish u luck ,I had a very similar experience as I said and they also told me I had a tilted uterus ,spent hours on the Internet looking for comforting stories etc and to try and explain why ,unfortunately it was bad news for me as I expected it to be xx
  • @LollyS12 hi lovely. I was just wondering what the outcome was for you! I’m in the exact same position. Went for an early scan at 9 weeks and measured around 6, had a healthy yolk sac but no hb yet. I’m certain I ovulated on 7/8 September as my peak day was 6th. 

    what was the result for you? ❤️
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