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Am I pregnant or no? So confused!!

So I’ve took 4 test saw faint lines in each of them but this faint line was very clear am I or am I not pregnant? I’m 6months postpartum 


  • Please give me your honest opinions! I’m so lost and I’ve been stressing trying to figure it out for some time now my husband thinks i am but I do t know I think so but then I don’t but I’m having symptoms like I did with my first I’m sore, I feel sick, I’m going to use the bathroom every minute on the hour! 
  • I can see a faint line in one of them x try to take another test in one or two days as then the hormones should rise x 
  • Well also I’m still on birth control and I need to know asap so I know if I need to be off of it or not I’m terrified of that and that’s one reason I’m stressing about it so bad
  • @Layson567 how is it hun have you managed to do a test x 
  • No I haven’t been able to take one just yet 
  • Need help! I’m new to this and all but I’m confused 

    I took a pregnancy test in the morning on 29/8 and it had a pinkish line on it it was a bit faded but you could definitely see it and it said it was positive 

    but than I took another one 2 days later so ( Today ) in the afternoon but it came back negative I’m not too sure if I’m pregnant or not but I have been having nausea, headaches and lower back pain 

    what should I do I don’t want to give my hopes up if I’m not pregnant?

  • @Chubbybunny I would either take another test or go to the doctor for a blood test and that’s my exact situation but I’m also suppose to start my period tomorrow or the next day so I’m waiting to see what happens next 
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