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Hardly any symptoms

Has anyone been about 7 weeks pregnant and not had many symptoms?
Had a MC in march and i’m now 7 weeks pregnant.
Literally just weeing a lot and have felt sick but not been sick.
just want some advice!
Ive got a early scan monday but just so nervous 


  • @Lily211 yes me. I had an early scan at 8 and 1 and before it was convinced something was wrong as I hadn't been feeling as unwell but thankfully at that scan all seemed well and was as it should be. It's a very stressful time. Good luck with your scan, I'm sure it'll be a wonderful experience for you xx
  • Thank you so much! Have you started to get symptoms now then? Congrats to you too
  • @Lily211 not really no. Tired, hungry and sore boobs. That's about it. At the scan they said if I hadn't been getting many symptoms by this point I was unlikely to now. So maybe you're just a lucky one 🤞 congrats on your pregnancy. Keep me posted on how your scan goes 😍 xx
  • Fingers crossed all okay!
    Thank you so much! Will do!
    Im new to all this so just a panicky pete with about everything.
    I need to try and relax and stay of google! X
  • Hardly had any symptoms with my son for the whole pregnancy. Never had sickness (not even nausea), was only a bit tired with sore boobs. I had occasional back pain but it was much much later in the pregnancy. I was also convinced something went wrong and went for 2 private scans but had a really healthy pregnancy. I found out I'm pregnant again a couple of weeks ago and only have a few symptoms (having small waves of nausea this time though!). 

    Try to relax, not all pregnancies are the same and symptomless doesn't mean bad, it often means lucky. x
  • Thank you so much. 
    All i want to do is keep testing but people are saying don’t always rely on the clear blue tests to wait for your 3+ or something! 
  • @Lily211 the cb tests are def not always accurate and now you're 7 weeks they won't give an accurate reading as your hcg will be too high. Not long until your scan now 😊 thrn hopefully that will ease your mind for another while xxx
  • Ah okay! I’ll take your advice for sure! Thank you x
  • @Lily211 all my symptoms dropped off by week 8 and that really scared me but i had a prenatal app at week 12 and heart beat was perfect.......if u r really worried call ur dr or go to emergency n tell them u r pregnant and all ur symptoms went away
  • @Mary58 how many weeks pregnant are you now hun ?? I’m only 2-3 weeks , and have sore boobs and tired . Nothing else . I’m also a bit paranoid as had a MC last year and scared something might be wrong as with that pregnancy I had nausea aswell and more symptoms. .
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