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Stressed returning to work advice needed

Super stressed here 
So Any advice is much appricated

I reccently received a text from my employer that furlough will soon be ending and she will have an update about reopening 

I'm currently 18 week's with my second and again am suffering from HG I'm on medication (ondanastron) this helps a little but im still sick at least 3-4 time's a day i AM also Very Achy and full of pains and tired im actually concerned  I'm more tired than I should be I'm having major trouble sleeping and needing to go for a nap everyday.  I have always suffered from major major anxiety 

Since receiving this text I've spent the whole weekend not being myself and in floods of tears to my partner as I just don't feel up to returning to work and I'm dreading how I will cope with 13 hour shifts and night shifts and 7am starts. 

I've told my boss I'm pregnant but not any of the girls I'm working with and I'm dreading what there opinions will be and the amount of stress there will be.

Since lockdown a lot of staff who didn't get furlough seem to have become very hostile over work chats. 

I really don't know what to do I'm tempted to hand in my notice or try and get some kind of sick note I've never done anything like this before so don't know where to turn 

Any advice is much appreciated


  • Hiya,

    Its understandable that you're feeling anxious about returning back to work with being pregnant and being off for a while. Would your employer consider reducing your hours maybe an 8 hour shift as apposed to 12? Or just have you on day shift instead of the nights? Your doc or midwife will more than likely issue you a sick note until you're feeling up to returning to work or alternatively write you a note for you employer to put you light duties due to pregnancy related problems. Handing in you notice completely maybe abit hasty (in my opinion anyway) with the current situation and people losing jobs so much it maybe best to keep a hold of the one you have before giving it up as getting another one maybe alot more tricky. Always remember you a heavily protected whilst pregnant and employers have to respond appropriately to your needs as a worker for them. I got a nlte from my midwife when I was pregnant with or first to put me on light duties and reduced my hours as I suffered terribly with my back and pelvic girdle pain, yes my manger was a complete b!tch but she had to abide. Have a good think before handing your notice in. Hope your ok. Hope this helped a little 😘 xxx
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