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Please can anyone help me

Lana21Lana21 New
edited Oct 5, 2020 7:41AM in Pregnancy
Can someone please please help me.For the last year I have suffered awful depression n mental health problems and was taking extra painkillers n drinking wine n lemonade as a way to cope ,my 4 year old daughter was never affected by this I was still functioning perfectly fine n my partner ( now ex) was aware of my problems n would buy me wine ( of course he didn’t make me drink it) I lost both parents suddenly within 11 months & my ex was not supportive n very cold when I was grieving,I was crying out for a hug or some support but he wasn’t interested ,he just wanted me to start taking part in 3somes etc n I felt I had to do it ( but never did) anyway my girl has been with me from day 1 all the time day in day out ,brill reports from nursery she was always fed clean etc etc n was never neglected etc..always so happy.I went into hospital 6 weeks ago for depression n she stayed with her dad now he’s refusing to give me her back n will only let me see her 2 hours a week supervised with my family member.I rang social services n have been told I have the same rights as him n that nothing on there system says my visit has to be supervised,yet he’s told me social services opened n closed the case in 24 hours on the understanding she stays with him.Even my CPN says I have the same rights and if I didn’t even send her back home he couldn’t do a thing but I don’t want to get into trouble.i rang SS a few times n they keep saying it’s a private matter now and to seek legal advice.I haven’t drank or abused painkillers for about 6 weeks now and I know I still have a long way to prove myself but can anyone help me? I can’t afford a solicitor at the moment n I want more than 2 hours a week and don’t want supervision but he will not let me see her without anyone there n won’t let it be longer than 2 hours.Please can someone advise me as its breaking my heart n I miss her so much xxx
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