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Am I pregnant?

Hello , this is a bit of a weird on really , as I haven’t yet missed a period , however I am experiencing symptoms that may show I’m pregnant, I am on the pill ( microgynon) however I have been quite forgetful taking it on time , or at all ! Is there anyway I will definitely know I’m pregnant before I missed period ? 


  • Not really , as the symptoms for pregnancy can be same as for your period . You can try taking a pregnancy test around 10-12 DPO and maybe be able to get a faint positive . 
  • @Beni96 thank you for your reply , I thought this may be the case 
  • Beni96Beni96 Regular
    edited Sep 7, 2020 7:02PM
    took a test 10dpo and was very faint positive as couldn’t wait for period haha and just knew I am pregnant so if you feel like you might be then I would try to take the first response early detection test 
  • Ok thank you , not sure the date of conception exactly , ( if I have ) , so do you think I’ll have to wait until my period was due 
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