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Negative test at 5 weeks

Hi I hope someone can help give me advice, I'm so confused and stressed. So I had my period on the 1st August, as normal, I'm always like clock work on a 28 day cycle. My partner and I trued to conceive on my firtile days, having sex daily. I was using a fertility app. My period was due on the 28th August, and never came!? So I did a pregnancy test and it came up negative! Tested a week later and got a very faint positive, I was over the moon, I then started spotting, and a dark brown colour for about a week, I've not really had any other symptoms like you'd expect. According to the pregnancy app, I'm now 5 weeks, still no period, apart from the small amount of what I thought was implantation bleeding, for some reason felt I needed to take another pregnancy test today a d it says not pregnant. I don't know what is going on, and waiting to see a doctor and get a blood test is killing me, I just want to know what is going on!? X


  • Sounds familiar to my experience a few months back which I am sad to say resulted in a miscarriage I started to bleed about a day after the BFN does not mean it’s the same for you. 5 weeks is still early and HCG can be undetectable for a while in some people as it doubles every 48-72 hrs. Was it the same brand test each time? 
  • It might end up in misscarriage as the hcg levels should be going up so the line should get darker every few days . If it doesn’t then it might mean misscarriage :( 
  • This was my 2nd positive pregnancy test a week ago, had implantation bleeding too, my boobs are heavy, and no normal period, I'm weeing loads, and feeling extremely tired, but no sickness or anything, and a negative today. The previous tests could have been false positives maybe? But doesn't explain the missed period!? I hope it's not a miscarriage starting, but it's definitely span me out. Spoke to midwife today and she has said to wait another week or two, see what happens? And maybe re test again in a couple of weeks. Thanks for the replies x
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