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Big bump

hi ,does anyone have a big bump at 12 weeks ? 


  • I have a massive bump i’m 14weeks but im also having twins. 
    I wouldnt worry just means your making a nice cosy home for the next 6months ❤️
  • @Gamble5 wow twins congrats....thanks
  • i would say my bump is bigger and has been bigger than anyone elses in my birth club....i wouldnt worry honestly everyone carries different due the end of feb and im onlt 15+4 an some girls are already almost 20w n my bump is bigger than theirs
  • I’m 15 weeks and was showing pretty quickly it’s my first to but I’m usually a size so it just popped out really quick xx
  • Size 8*
  • my shorts and pants didnt fit me after like 8/9 weeks ...............just wait u will b buying new bras too......just bought new ones yesterday n got the sports breast feeding maternity ones so hopefully they will fit all the way
  • @Catlady220 with this pregnancy ive been showing since week 8 or before no way of hiding it till 12 weeks xx
  • @90schick mines been pretty noticeable but im not a big fan of tight shirts so until my 12 weeks i wore bigger shirts :/ idk if that will help....all bumps are normal <3
  • @Catlady220 im embracing it lol 13 weeks and bumping along xx
  • @90schick aw thank you. 
    Deffo embrace the bump, even baggy tops dont conceal my bump. I compared it to my daughters bump and i think i’m the size i was with her at 18weeks 😬 although u get told its expected because its twins i just can’t cope 🙈😂
  • @90schick good choice bc its gonna b there for 27 more weeks lol <3
  • @Catlady220 yes lol I've done this run 3 times before lol x
  • @Gamble5 twins lol I just cant imagine, as much how lovely etc I would be freaking out at two newborns xx
  • @90schick oh oops lol i thought it was your first lol  sorry :/ are u bigger with this one than the others?
  • @Catlady220 no worries lol , erm I would say yes ! My first i didn't show untill I was about 5 mths ! I remember feeling bloated early on with my 3rd also ,but this time its been like positive test...few weeks massive bloating and like showing pretty much instantly after that ,maybe its just muscle memory etc 🤣 i know some people show early on if its there first or 3rd , makes you wonder how big you or baby is going to get though lol doesnt it xx
  • i heard u get bigger faster n faster with each pregnancy .......this is my first n i think im huge so makes me wonder what the 2nd n 3rd will b like lol
  • @Catlady220 its certainly true in my experience and ive heard that alot lol x
  • @90schick u hoping for a boy or girl?
  • @90schick
    oh i’m also crapping myself at two newborns 🙈 i’ve spoken to a couple of twin mums though and they’ve said its not that had if you get them into the routine of waking up at the same time to feed. But wish me all the luck in the world 😂
  • @Catlady220 maybe slightly more a boy but I feel bad for saying that really if its a girl lol . Just I have 2 girls and one boy so another boy wud be nice perhaps. What about you ?? @Gamble5 lol its enough to try and get a rest in-between one newborn and chores or other kids ,i recall not even having the time for a cup of tea as ridiculous as that may sound its true ...i wish you all the luck in the world and dont get me wrong twins are lovely just hard work xx
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