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14 wks & bleeding

5 days ago, at 13wks 2 days i randomly started to bleed, pink watery blood. I went to A&E, had tests done and was told bloods were all ok, to go home ans return 48hours later for a scan. 
I went back to the hospital 2 days ago, had the scan and the baby is fine, so is the surrounding area. They discharged me and told em to keep and eye on the bleeding with a diary until i see my Midwife on Wednesday. This was the second scan as i had my 1st scan at 12 wks 6 days and was all ok. I'm today 14wks, still bleeding but on and off and it's brown dark blood. I'm praying it stops. Has anyone else experienced this? Amy x


  • Hey lovely. I experienced spotting/brown spotting from 5weeks-13weeks of my pregnancy. Its alot more common than we seem to think. 
    I was just told to keep a pantyliner on to keep eye on the amount coming out. 
    We have lots of sensitive vessels on our cervix and the sometimes just like to go pop. Try not to stress about it, you may find it will be on/off throughout your pregnancy. 
  • Thank you so much for your reply, lots have told me the same including my midwife, so I'm hoping it will get better. Today (day 5) the bleeding has started to ease off, almost completely gone 🙏🏼🤞🏼 i'll keep an eye on it still by wearing a Panti liner and a diary.
  • @Aingram
    good idea. Even tho you get told its normal doesn’t stop you from worrying does it. 
    Mines stopped for nearly two weeks but every time i go to the toilet i can’t help but check. 
    Hopefully yours will disappear soon X
  • I know I'm worried sick! Was your bleeding heavy? How long did it last? Mines been heavy, on and off for 5 days now.even though they are not concerned i sure am. 
  • @Aingram
    when you say heavy? Do you mean your soaking a pad? 
    I had 3 deep red bleeds that even came out in my wee flow but settled pretty quickly but i mainly had brown spotting. 
  • So glad you've said that, I've had two red watery bleeds which has once come out in my wee. No not soaking the pad. They put me on Asprin due to my BMI - when i called rhe midwife today to say and hour after i take the asprin my bleed gets worse she said the asprin may not be helping the bleed so to stop it for two weeks and monitor it. So I'll do that now, if it gets worse I'll call again. 
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