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Advice please!! Mc or just a bleed?

Hello All! Hope you’ve all been well.
Right, so i think im
about 6 weeks. Got an early scan booked in tomorrow (tuesday) 
however on friday, i had some cramps and bleeding at work. By the time i had finished work and came home, the bleeding had calmed down and was pretty much just spotting again.
I haven’t had any more pains, cramps or anything.
When i've been doing tests past few weeks i’ve only got the 2-3 weeks on tests.
Ive worken up this morning and done one, and it’s 3+.
i did contact my midwife before anyone says, she’s said go to my scan on tuesday but if the bleeding got worse or more pains or cramps over weekend go to a&e.
Any similar stories or anything to give me for advice? X 
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