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Hi all i think ive got my first ever BFP! But worried about chemical pregnancy now😫


  • Hi huni, unfortunately if its a chemical theres nothing that can be done i had one a few months ago. If you test again in a few days and the line is getting darker you should be fine. My test never got darker and then started getting an even lighter line till nothing was there. How many dpo are you xx
  • @emi90 thank you for replying, i am 11dpo and have a few different symptoms. Main one was a cold sore (random i know) but ive never had one so i knew something was off, then that same day i had implantation bleeding. I keep inspecting the line to make sure it doesnt fade. If i do a digital and it comes back as positive does that mean it isnt a chemical as it has a higher amount of HCG?xx
  • Mine came back on a digital clear blue as 1/2 weeks pregnant but then as the line faded the digital said bot pregnant. X
  • Congratulations :)
    During my second chemical I had faint-ish lines on a frer and was surprised when a clear blue digital said positive. But a few days later the frer wasn't getting darker and then I started bleeding. I'm not trying to sound negative, just wanted to let you know what happened in my case x
  • Thank you ladies. I had some pains last night so i was worried and took a test with FMU, the line isnt any darker but it isnt any lighter either xx

  • Maybe leave it a few days and try a cheapie test/different one normally HCG rises every couple of days xx
  • I have ordered some more and will do another in a few days xx
  • They look good positives thou! Fingers crossed for you xx
  • I have a brown tinge to my CM today, is this normal does anyone know? Sorry to be super anxious all the time😔xx

  • No progression on my tests😔😔😔xx
  • Are you still having discoloured disscharge still hun? X
  • They’re still strong positives thou!! If they’d got any fainter then I’d worry but honestly they look good so far xx
  • @emi90 no im not. I took another pic now its lighter and can see progression thankfully xx

  • Post withdrawn
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