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Confused ! Help

So last period was July 28-2. We have been trying. (including August 17 we tried) Took my first test August 27 and it was a faint positive another one a couple days later and also positive. Sept 1 I went for blood testing. Sept 4 I hadn't heard from my doctor but took another test and it was also positive. Went to my doctor this past Thursday cause I had not heard from her yet and it was negative along with a negative at home pregnancy test I didn't ask my levels. I have an ultrasound booked for tomorrow. Just confused as to what is happening. I haven't had any bleeding and still have all signs of pregnancy :/ can someone help with opinions?


  • Ive also never been late on my periods before
  • This happened to me for my first. I had a couple faint positives, then seen a doc for a pee test and it came back negative. He offered a blood test. So i said yes. Within a few days it came back as being positive. And ultrasound, internal, confirmed baby. Good luck to you!!!
  • Thank you! I have my ultrasound today at 3pm so I’m hoping to get some kind of an answer. It’s he negative blood test that is confusing me. I have no idea what is going on. Could I have had a chemical and got pregnant right after and maybe that’s why ? Its just not adding up to me. Four positive HPT and then a negative blood test and I took a test this morning and it was negative ...? But no bleeding or symptoms of a miscarriage ? I’m baffled 
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