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5weeks stitch like ache in stomach

Hi ladies recently found out I'm pregnant I'm about 5weeks and today I've been getting a stitch like feeling in my stomach has anyone else had this? I'm most prob being paranoid but when your told by drs your chances are very low of pregnancy then you catch pregnant everything little thing goes through your mind 


  • Beni96Beni96 Regular
    edited Sep 25, 2020 8:25AM
    trust me I think I’m the most paranoid person in the world too :) this is my second pregnancy I’m 6 weeks pregnant now , and i started getting pains at 4/5 weeks pregnant which got me worried . They were very strong cramps , really sharp pains specially when I stood up to quickly , and cramps in my groins and hips . At week 5 I experienced some bleeding after sex , which got me freaked out as I had a misscarriage last year. I had an early scan done a few days ago and the baby is all fine :) the pains are meant to be there hun , they’re a good sign if they aren’t too painful , it’s a good sign so don’t worry . Really I was worried like hell all the time . Obviously if they are severe and don’t let you function as normal then get it checked out (that’s what my midwife told me) but if they’re just now and then and you can still go around as normal there’s nothing to worry about ! Good luck x 
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