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Gender scan, is this correct?

I had my gender scan privately at 16 weeks. 
The lady said that nothing is 100% but she was very sure that it is a boy, and showed me a close up of the penis shot. I was so happy! But since I've found out that sometimes scans are wrong! 
I have my NHS scan in four weeks. I've heard that both private and NHS gender guesses can be wrong. 
I've added some of my scan pictures. 
Is this definitely a boy? 
It'd be great if anyone could say with any certainty! Any sonographers out there? 
Thanks :-)


  • I'm no sonographer but the potty shot looks quite clear and I can see a little extra. I think they are right you're having a boy. I think the labia can sometimes look "swollen" which is why they get it wrong but I don't think that is the case here. Let us know what they say in 4 weeks :) 
  • She's taken a close up of the boy parts so I'd say she's pretty sure it's a boy 😃
  • Defo looks like a boy to me mine was the same :) and nhs also said boy x
  • Looks like the scan I had with my son 😀 I'd definitely say it looks like a boy no doubt x
  • Yep I can see his junk! Congrats! X
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