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Anyone experienced this at 7-8 weeks ?

Hello girls . I’m looking for some advice .
i had an early scan a week ago at 6-7 weeks , heartbeat was nice and strong . Today at night I woke up went for a wee and when I put my pants down there was a lot of watery bloody liquid on my pants. It also smelled weird. When I wiped it was pinkish and now it’s completely gone . Didn’t have any pain with it. Don’t know what it could be , I got worried it might be that the gestational sac ruptured is that even possible this early on ?  . I will be calling the doctor today but thought maybe someone had similar expierece ? 


  • No one ?? No ? 
  • I got a lot of thinner discharge than before, but I wouldn't go as far as to say it was a liquid, and definitely not bloody. Have you managed to get hold of the doctor or maybe try the midwife unit. Fingers crossed for you xx
  • I havnt heard anyone with this so i cant help. I hope all is okay though xx
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