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Early Scan Dates

Hi, I’ve had an early scan for my 1st ever pregnancy (exciting) but I wondered how accurate these dates are? She said I’m 7weeks 1 day but that means I fell 3 days after my period when we didn’t have intercourse until the 4th night / morning of 5th day after. Could my baby be bigger than the average perhaps at this stage? Anyone else experienced something like this ? 


  • Hi the dates on early scans can be off I had a few and all were different you’ll get your proper date at your 12wks scan and that’s what they will work too 
  • Thanks. I thought it very unlikely to get pregnant so close to your your period, although I know it is not impossible... so it just wasn’t making sense to me. I’ve been working with being about 6weeks based on my calendars 
  • Your pregnancy weeks are measured from the first day of your last menstrual period regardless, so for the first 2 weeks you're not actually pregnant. The clearblue weeks indicator tests show your weeks of "actual" pregnancy, so when implantation occurred and the pregnancy actually began biologically. If you look in the clearblue instructions, it gives you a chart that translates the weeks it shows to the weeks medical professionals will measure you from. Hope this helps. X
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