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Hi I am so concerned I have taken 3 pregnancy tests and they all have came out negative. I took the last pregnancy test and was negative. The reason I am so concerned is Because I had spotting on the 1st October and it lasted all the way up to the 5th and the first day of my last period was on August 30. I look so bloated and this would be my second pregnancy if I am pregnant. I am thinking I could be 6 weeks pregnant since they count it from the first day of my last period and the tests have came out negative. Is there a chance I can be pregnant?


  • There could be a chance, weird things always happen. If you think you are then go to the drs and get a blood test done to see that way, they will be able to determine hcg levels there and stuff. Plus they can give you advice too.

    I'm going through the exact same thing, even to the dates you mentioned. I spoke to my Dr and she said take another test next week, and if that comes of negative and I have had no proper period and only spotting then I need to go in for a psychical examination. I would recommend you do the same thing!

    Keep me updated, always here to help out someone who's going through the exact same thing as myself!xx
  • It could be that your HCG levels aren't high enough to be picked up yet, have you tried a frer or have you been using clear blue? If you feel pregnant then speak to your doctor and maybe arrange a blood test?
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