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Implantation bleeding

Hello ladies,
I need some advice. Im 33yrs old. I have a beautiful 12yr old daughter. My Fiancé and I are trying to get pregnant. We have been trying for two months now. On my first pregnancy with my daughter I didn't get any implantation bleeding. I suppose to get my period next week Monday 10/19. I have been feeling dizziness for the 3 weeks now, I've been very emotional, I've been very gasy, my sense of smell been over the roof, and my breast been so sore and tender for the last 11 days. I also have been experiencing light cramping. On Tuesday 10/13 I notice some pink and brown spotting when I swiped..I was so excited because I had read about implantation bleeding and I definitely felt pregnant. Than a couple of hours later I started to get a heavier flow but lighter than my usual period. (My period last for 7 days and its comes light clock work. I get cramps the second day, sore breast for 2 days before period and get very heavy periods within my 3rd to 6day.) With small stringy clots. The blood is a dark red color and its quite watery and slimey. With my usual period I have to wear super plus tampon and a overnight pad because it's so heavy..this one i have been wearing a pad. Its already been 30hrs with this kind of flow. I still have mild cramps and back pains. My nipples are still tender and my sense of smell is still high. I've been reading alot...and came across chemical pregnancy...which I truly hope its not. But idk...if its that my period came a week early. That has never happen before. I never had an issue with my period and I never use birth control. My question is do you guys think is a heavier flow of implantation bleeding...? I have red that some women do get heavier flows during implantation...or do you think im Mc or is it my period that came early? I'm so scared to get a pregnancy test. And idk when I should test. Please help. Im so confused.


  • I apologize for the typos. Just very anxious and typing fast. 😊
  • Are you filling the pad? Lots of women mistake implantation bleeding for their period, but it should be lighter and not filling a pad. It can also last anywhere up to three days I think. I'm not sure when you should test as that's a personal choice, all I can say is test when you're ready but at this stage it could still be a negative as it is still early.

    All I know love is I had a similar cycle at the same time when I was TTC and the next month I got my BFP which was completely unexpected as my "period" the month before had completely thrown my cycle out of whack. I'm now nearly 31 weeks pregnant with my little boy so there definitely is hope! 
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