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I need advice! No period and negative tests

Hey! I was hoping for some advice, I'm 21, at uni and nearly 20 days late, having loads of weird symptoms that could either be pms or pregnancy. Soz if this is tmi, but I've had spotting twice, 1st time was like a few days after the deed was done and the 2nd just stopped. At first I thought it was my period but it just isn't like a normal one at all. But what makes things even weirder, the pregnancy tests I took were all negative (I think, one possible v faint positive maybe) ... Idk, I hope thta you can give me some insight or advice what to do as my dr just said "oh ur fine u would know by now" that sort of stuff.


  • I've also been having loads of weird symptoms, but they also line up with pms symptoms... I don't know what is what, I'm just very confused. More than anything I'm very exhausted, bloated, feeling sick all the time and have to pee so much at the moment.
  • Are you usually regular with your cycles? Do you know when you ov'ed?
  • @winter2020 I used to be irregular, then my periods got hella messy start of 2020 when I got really sick. But around May they became very frequent, like every 3 weeks or so, cycle being between 22-26 days. I have an idea of when I ovulated from using a period tracking app but I never new exactly as my bf and I aren't trying to get pregnant. But if when I think I ovualted my bf and I had sex, and a few days after like 3 or 4 maybe I had spotting. Its hard to tell as I'm not directly tracking my ovulation other than what is estimated on the app I use
  • Apps are usually right but could be a few days out. It is possible that your HCG levels just aren't high enough to be picked up yet. What brands have you been using to test?
  • @winter2020 first response, also used a superdrug own and a poundland one (my dr said the poundland one is actually decent lol) 
  • Definitely test again in a few days and if it's still negative I'd be calling the doctor xxx
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