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Is this implantation bleeding?

Hey girls
So I have recently found out I am pregnant. 2 positive pregnancy tests. Just a bit worried on whether this is implantation bleeding or not as this time last year I had a miscarriage!
Any help would be appreciated, thank you xx


  • It seems like implantation bleeding. Did you get it before you tested positive?
  • It seems like implantation bleeding. Did you get it before you tested positive?
    So I started getting that discharge/brown stuff on Friday 16th. It has been on and off since, not constant. It is very rare that there is any on the pad, only seen it on the pad about 3 times. I then done 2 tests on Monday 19th. The first one I done was a cheap one which came up with 2 lines although one was faint. And I then done a clear blue which come up positive 1-2 weeks, my last period was the 28th September so in theory I will be 3+1 if I am. Just want to know really for peace of mind if this is implantation or if I’m losing it. Thanks
  • Well it definitely sounds like implantation bleeding but keep an eye on it. For now though I'd say congratulations on your new little bubs x
  •  Follow up - some pics of what I’m experiencing today. Still very worried. Any help, or advice will be much appreciated. What does everyone think this is? X
  • Some women just spot throughout the pregnancy with no explanation. It looks brown, so that's a good sign that it's old blood. Keep an eye on it and if it gets heavier or turns red or painful, or you're worried call your doctor or epu but I think it all seems normal.
  • Hey again 🤣 

    I am still getting brown discharge and I’m worrying that I might be having an ectopic? Can anyone advise me what colour blood/discharge is with an ectopic pregnancy and if anyone has had this and been diagnosed with ectopic? The pic on the liner was yesterday. I’m not sure if this is just because I am due on my period tomorrow? Thanks xx
  • Any updates on this? I'm having similar brown spotting but very light volume for the past 5 days or so.
  • Sometimes it’s just old blood leaving the body to prepare for a oregnancy
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