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Why am I still bleeding?

Hello everyone! I never thought I’d ask a question on a forum regarding my reproductive health but here I am. I’m 26 years old and never had problems with my period, it can be heavy at times but that’s about it. It usually lasts 5-6 days. This past month of September (11th to be exact) I had my cycle as usual, but started spotting 2 weeks after my period ended (October 4th, 2-3 weeks before my next period). I googled searched and came to the conclusion it could’ve been implantation bleeding, but it continued for more than 2-3 days with a light consistency and no clots. Here I am on day 15 of bleeding but still have no idea what could be the cause. It has gotten a bit heavier but I am not experiencing any PCOS symptoms, nor symptoms of a cyst or fibroid, I am not on birth control or have any IUD. My breasts are a bit swollen and sore, I did experience tingles and cramping the first/second day of my light bleeding. I was supposed to get my period this week so I’m not sure if the bleeding I'm experiencing is considered implantation, or it just transitioned into my period? I’m so confused!! Has anyone else experienced this? How long did you wait until you took a pregnancy test? And what can it be if it’s not implantation?
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