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Early scan shows way earlier than first day of last period??

Hi girls. 

I went for an early scan today as I thought I was 9 weeks Going off the first day of my last period. I went and there was just a yolk sack and no baby. Measuring at 6 weeks? Has this happened to anyone else before and all been okay? She said it was a healthy yolk but I’m confused by the 3 weeks difference? 

had a missed mc in July at 12 weeks so I’m so upset! Xxx


  • Aww, it's so stressful when this happens. This happened to me and it wasnt a good outcome as the pregnancy just turned out to have not progressed. I have heard of people though were they have had an unexpected late ovulation. So hang on in there. Good luck xx
  • Thing is a know when I ovulated. It was around 6th September but you’re supposed to go off the date of your last period xxx
  • Is it possible that your last period came earlier then expected? 
  • I’m not sure as it was my first period after I mc. 
    My peak day on ovulation was 6th and which bd twice that day. So could it be that I only implanted later? 
    My boobs really hurt the last couple days and took another test today and said 3 weeks plus. 

    I just don’t know how I found out on 21st 4 days early and I’m only 6 weeks? Xxx
  • How were you tracking ovulation?
  • With clear blue OPKs xxx
  • Did you continue to track ovulation after your peak and did you bd after your peak?
  • Peak was 15th and tracked until 17th. We Bd twice on 15th but only did it again on 13th after that. 

    Just doesn’t make sense. How can I have known I’m pregnant from 21st September, clear blue said 1-2 weeks and today I’m still only 6 weeks on a scan? Xxx
  • Early scans usually aren't accurate when it comes to dating a pregnancy. I have no idea why you're only being dated six weeks. Did you mention it to the sonographer?

    On a brighter note, they did say it was a healthy yolk, so that's very reassuring.
  • I just said 9 weeks going of my last period but if I think about it the 6th September is only like 6 weeks ago. I’m booked in for a rescan Friday. 

    I hope all is okay. I can’t go through it all again xxx
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