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Question about early pregnancy symptoms

Has anyone ever felt like they were going to start their period and it never came and they were actually pregnant? I’ve been doing this off and on for the past week but nothing ever happens. I took a pt and thought there was a very very faint line. I’m still a week out from when I’m supposed to get my period. Anyone ever have this experience? 


  • Yep I’m having it now lol awful cramps but just a bit of spotting nothing else! Still no positive test though. I’m on cd28. Maybe test nearer to when you’re due x
  • Yes, the night before I would have been due on I still got my usual coming on pains. I genuinely thought I was coming on and got really upset about it as I thought that's another month gone by and it's never going to happen! But when my period didn't come the next day I took a test and it was positive. Now 21+5 :)
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