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Pregnancy bleeding

I am currently 6 weeks pregnant 
And im having a bleeding like almost 1 week its like im having my monthly period
I went to my Ob Gyn and gave me injection an take duphaston 3 x aday
But next day im still bleeding 
And its become more.
My Ob gyne request for Vaginal scan to see the fetus and baby still there 
With a heart beat. . 
But im still worrying because after all of this . Im still spotting 😭


  • I'm going through this exact same situation now, found out im pregnant about 10 days ago and I'm 5 weeks 4 day's yesterday started to bleed and its like I'm having a period, cramps and lower back ache. Rang the early pregnancy unit yesterday and they have said there is nothing they can do and have to retest next week :( im really upset and stressed about this xx
  • Hi guys, 

    I too am in similar situation. Period is due 08/11/20 yet I "felt" pregnant on the Monday just gone so tested and got a faint line (02/11/20) I've tested twice a day every day since and rhe lines have got stronger even this morning. My issue is that after sex last night (tmi sorry) I bled it was quite red also. This was at 10pm. Put a pad on an woke up at 3am with really bad cramps but no blood at all on the pad. Ran a bath to ease the cramps got out and was red blood with clear discharge. Had another bath and went back to bed. Got up at 9am and slight mark on pad but now when I wipe there us red blood and spots on pad. This is my 7th pregnancy. Have 4 children now but miscarried twice in between them. its been 2 years since my last miscarriage and nearly 6years since my last child was born. 
    I've called EPU and they have said that its too early to scan and they won't scan at weekends anyway and all they can do is a blood test to test levels and then retest on Tuesday to see if levels have risen or decreased. I've just taken another test this lorninf and it's the strongest my tests have been all week. 
    My friend suggested that due to the fact my period was due tomorrow it could be implantation bleeding but I've never know implantation bleeding to feel as painful or resemble as period? I'm convinced I'm in the process of miscarriage and terrified. Has anyone had this? My cramps are in my back and around my right ovary. 
    Thanks for reading guys. Sending love to all x 
  • We didnt save the baby i had miscarriage .. 💔💔💔💔💔
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