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Negative tests, no period, feeling nausea

Hey everyone, 

I was hoping for some advice.. last period started 26th Sep, due on 23rd Oct, had sex on 12th Oct (during ovulation period) and have not come on period so now 2 weeks late. I've taken 5 tests (Sainsburys and Clearblue) but all negative. I've started feeling sick the past 2 days. Not sure if I'm completely off the scent and there's no way I'm pregnant just a late period. I came off of the pill the month before last however my previous period (26th Sep) was my usual 28 day cycle. Any help would be appreciated. 


  • Hi, it is said that after coming off the pill it takes 6 months for your periods to regulate. It took me over a year.

    the tests would have detected something by now.  However give it another couple of days and test with a first response as they are very sensitive 
  • Post withdrawn
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