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4 weeks and just wondering what is normal

Hi everyone, 

I found out i was pregnant on Nov 3rd and today I am 4 weeks. I feel like i have been feeling cramps on and off that kind of feel like period cramps, ranging from one side to the other to just in the middle, but not as extreme. I was wondering if that is normal? Or is this a sign my pregnancy won't last? Of course, i feel like I am paying a lot more attention to it than i should and that could also be a culprit. But was curious what everyone else felt during their 4th week and what I should be prepared for in the 5th week.  

These are the pictures of my tests. From the 3rd to today. The sticks are FRER and the other are just internet cheapies


  • Congratulations! There's a lot of cramping and stretching in the early days, its not necessarily a sign that things are wrong. It shouldn't be very painful, a bit like the pains you get the day before/first day of your period, some a bit sharper but nothing unbearable. If you're having any bleeding or pain you can't cope with thats when you want to get medical advice :)
  • @CurrentCatMum awesome! thanks for your input. no i haven't had any bleeding or pain i can't cope with. Just the little cramps. 
  • Congrats @melbell949. Im around 4 weeks 5 days and was cramping a lot until about 3 days ago but it settled quickly. Occasionally some twinges but much better than last week x
  • DR will tell you as long as there is no bleeding with cramps then you are fine .....expect to possibly start getting nausea, peeing a lot, you will get some lil twings of pain but its normal and the twings turn into ligament pains which r a pain but im sure you will b ok <3 i found out almost 4 weeks i was pregnant n spent the whole time worrying and now being 24+3 weeks i can say just try your best to relaxxxxxx <3 i regret the amount of stress n worry i put myself through n it basically ruined my whole first tri and the beginning of my 2nd.....i know its hard but just relax <3
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