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Hi.. first time on this but need some advice! I’m 22 and have been having unprotected sex for a while! Basically my ex used to say I was infertile because we never fell pregnant. That thought has always been in the back of my mind.. I get extremely bad periods and can’t go to work ect with the cramps and blood loss (in the process of seeing doctors for that now) however since I’ve been with other boys I’ve been having periods but for the past 2 weeks I was having quite bad stomach and lower back pain, I thought nothing of it and then I went to the toilet and my stomach was swollen ? Wasn’t sure if it was bloating as I don’t usually get that! I look as if I have a bump.. however I’ve took 2 tests and both negative. I hear a lot about cryptic pregnancy’s and I’m just worrying myself I think!! My period is due on Wednesday but I’ve been feeling movements in my stomach and feel like I’ve not really being going to the toilet for number 2’s as much but waking up during the night to pee.. does anyone have any advice on what this could be or what I should do ? My doctors aren’t taking appointments due to lockdown

any advice would be amazing sorry for the long paragraph! 


  • Hello @Chloe09 I didn't want to read and run. I don't have much experience with what you are describing. I wouldn't let what your ex said about infertility scare you. Even the best timed unprotected sex doesn't guarantee conception and it takes a lot of couples years to conceive.

    I'm relation to the bloating and lower back pain you should ask for gp advice incase it is a uti, kidney infection or an sti if you have been having unprotected sex. In relation to the extreme cramps and needing time off work for same etc it could possibly be endometriosis. Although don't panic as many, many people conceive with that.

    The fact your tests are negative would suggest you're not pregnant and you wouldn't feel any movement that early on anyways. 

    Def get a phone consultation with gp and they can test your urine for infections and if it's not and pain persists a gum clinic would be a good next step. 

    Good luck xx
  • Thanks sooo much for your advice!! Means a lot! Xx 
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