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On my 43 day, around 11:00 o’clock in the morning  I had a cramp that couldn’t handle so layed myself in bed and later woke up around 12:00 to have lunch saw blood on my underwear so, at first freak out. (Sorry TMI) later I got pad n new underwear. I decided to call my Ob office luckily got appointment at 3:30, went for appointment still my test showed positive but no blood on pad, it was still when I used to wipe after urine had on toilet paper, she scanned me twice couldn’t find anything external so decided to do internal but couldn’t find heartbeat 💗 she tried to look if it’s growing anywhere that it’s not suppose to still couldn’t find anything..😣
lastly we did blood work for my hormones level and now I have to go again 45 day for same blood work. I am on 44day, been researching a lot today it give crazy feelings. Per research, Sometimes it’s to early to see heartbeat and also I had brown blood last night and bleeding while wiping down (tmi) somewhere I have all mixed feelings right now. Please share if you guys been in same boat. What are recommendations ??  

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