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Baby growing big

ladies, I’ve jumped on here for some reassurance more than anything. I’ve been put down for some growth scans due to my BMI being 36… anyway, 2 and a half weeks ago I had my first growth scan, roughly weighing in at around 4 pound 3 ounces and I was 33 weeks. Today at 35+5 he is now weighing in at around 6 pounds 11 ounces. I’ve also been told I have a lot of fluid around baby. So they have done some bloods to see whether its the case that I have diabetes. Also done other tests to see whether it could be infection. They’ve given me another scan for next week and one at 39 weeks too. Do you think everything is okay? I’m really worried. Could it be the case that I’m further along then what they thought I was? I really don’t want him growing really really big!


  • Hi I’m sure there isn’t anything wrong sometimes babies are just on the bigger side having said that the growth scans can way out I had them and was told she would be on the larger side I had my last growth scan less than a week before she was born and was told she weighed 1lb heavier than she was when she was born, you won’t be further along than you thought and if you have gestational diabetes they usually don’t have you go full term good luck and not long now
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