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3 days past due date looking for some advice :)

Hi Ladies just looking for some advice currently i am 3 days past my due date.
I went to see the midwife yesterday for a sweep but wasn’t able to have it done due to my cervix still been closed. Is they any successful natural ways any of you may have used that i could try to induce my labour naturally and for my cervix to open. Was hoping to give it a few days before i try anything. 
I am booked in for another sweep next Thursday and then induction on Sunday if the sweep doesn’t work really hoping I don’t have to be induced as really worried about having to be on my own until I’m in active labour with all the covid restrictions and also with it being my first baby so don’t really know what to expect. Would really appreciate some advice ladies as getting really impatient now lol and just want to meet my baby :) x
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