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Advice on Positive Pregnancy test

Hi everyone! 

This has been on my mind lately and was curious if someone had an opinion on this / ever been in the same situation. 

So I found out I was pregnant about two weeks ago. (I am now five weeks) So literally at 3 weeks - a full week before my period. I honestly just took the internet cheapie test for fun.. saw a little line so took a FRER and got a pretty dark, red line. I am wondering if that is possible or if I might have mistaken my last period for something else? It hadn't occurred to me that could happen until my mom was telling me about how a test wouldn't register her as pregnant for over TWO MONTHS! Of course, I am sure there have been many advancements in the engineering of HPT since then but still lol. 

So my two questions are: 

1.Has anyone ever gotten a positive pregnancy test at 3 weeks? (I was able to get a positive on a clear blue digital by 3 weeks and 3 days)

2.Has anyone ever found out they were farther along than they expected?


  • This pregnancy (I'm 6 weeks) I got a faint positive on an Internet cheapie at 3+3 and a clear blue clear as day bfp line at 3+5. Tho I do think I ovulated a day or so earlier than my tracker says. 
  • I had my positive at 3 weeks babe :) was very faint and didn’t get darker until the day my period was due and even then it wasn’t all that dark, so when I was about 5 weeks I tested again and it was darker xx
  • I got my first bfp at 9dpo . The line was quite dark so might of had got one if I tested a day or 2 before .  I did temping that month so guessing was pretty accurate. And a 1-2 weeks on a clear blue digital at 10dpo xx 
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