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Bleeding at 5 weeks

Has anyone had experience will having bleeding and cramping at 5 weeks. I've had 4 faintly positive pregnancy tests over the course of a week. I have been peeing more frequently and have had tender breasts as well. Then today at 5 weeks 1 day I woke up with heavy cramping and an hour later I started bleeding moderately. Could I be having a miscarriage? Could this still result in a healthy pregnancy? Has anyone had an experience like this?


  • Hi, I tested positive on the 2nd November after 2 years of trying naturally. (Misscarried Jan 2019) didn't think I would struggle to conceive as I'd always caught quickly but did miscarry in June2015 but then caught straight after (my youngest child is 5) My period wasn't due until the 6th but I just felt pregnant, I tested twice a day every day from the 2nd to the 6th and sure enough the lines got darker. Then last Friday (6th nov) after sex I noticed the bed sheets had blood on them, had a bath woke up the next morning then nothing at all no blood. That afternoon I started bleeding like a period, called epu who booked me in for bloods for the 12th of nov and scan on the 16th. bleeding continued on and off until Monday the 9th. I went for bloods Thursday and my levels were 200, midwife said this is on the low scale and suspects I'm having an early miscarriage. Im being scanned at epu Monday I did ask for repeat bloods but as its the weekend they won't have me in. Told me to wait for scan Monday. I too have been so confused as I still feel VERY pregnant, boobs swollen and sore, sickness is rife, smells are making me sick, the fatigue is reminiscent to how I was on my 1st scan 0regnancy tests are still very strong possitives. So I'm patiently waiting for my scan on Monday although I'm not sure they will see anything at what I place to be 5 weeks. 
    I find it so strange that i started to bleed the night my period was due and that if I hadn't tested 4 days earlier i wouldn't have even known i was pregnant and would of just thought it was a period. 
    Honestly in limbo as this pregnancy was wanted so much to the point il now obsessing over it. Im convincing myself its a miscarriage then denial kicks in and tells me I'm being silly. I just want Monday to be out the way to confirm the worst and I can get closure and maybe be referred as this will be 3rd miscarriage.

    I hope all turns out with you and your little bean is a sticky one 

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