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Am I pregnant? Faint line

I was 5 days late for my period, I have a 40 day cycle and my period comes every 40 days exactly. So I took a test on the 5th day and it came back with this faint line straight away, I took another one the next day and it was negative and the following day I got another extremely faint line. I started spotting this same day and it was really light but now it’s gotten a bit darker and heavier. Can anyone else see the line or am I definitely not pregnant?


  • For me, I can see two lines but it doesn't look like there is any colour to any lines on there, which usually means it's invalid (evap line).

    I would definitely do another one tomorrow as HcG doubles every day so if it is positive, you should see more of a line tomorrow!

    Best of luck! :) 
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