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Help with how many weeks pregnant!

Hi Ladies! I got a strong BFP last night, but need a little help with figuring out my due date! So I came off of birth control on September 27th, and started having withdrawal bleeding two days later. I then had some very light bleeding for three days starting Oct 23rd—at the time I suspected it could be implantation bleeding, but it also could have been a period, so I’m not 100% sure on that. Usually my periods are more like 5 days, so 3 days just felt a bit short, and it also came a bit earlier than I expected. 

I took a few pregnancy tests a week after my light bleeding, and was getting some faint lines that I wasn’t sure if they were faint positives or just indent lines, so I went to get a blood pregnancy test done. The test said that I had 2.5 HCG levels, which wasn’t quite enough to be considered pregnant, so I assumed that I wasn’t. 

Oct. 25th was the day of my last bleeding, so I tested last night since I was a few days late, and got a super strong BFP! It showed up after about 15 seconds as the darkest line you can probably get, which I was kind of surprised by, since I calculated I would have only been about 1 day late with my period! 

So my question is: do y’all think that the light bleeding I had for 3 days on Oct 23rd still could have been implantation bleeding, or was it most likely just a light period? So I’m either about 3-4 weeks along, or I’m more like 7-8 weeks along depending on which it was! 

Thank you so much in advance for your help on this! Sorry for the long post, just wanted to be as detailed as possible! 


  • @RachLaw217 congrats on your BFP!! ❤ Why don't u try the clesrblue weeks indicator test which shows you how many weeks from conception? might help u. I think potentially the second light bleed could be implantation and mid October was potentially when u ovulated?
  • Thank you so much for your response on this @Impatientlywaiting ! I’ve tried looking for the Clear Blue test with the weeks indicator, but it doesn’t look like it’s sold in the US I don’t believe? I can only find it in like Canada and Europe! Otherwise that would be good for me to try..I am wondering if I should get an early transvaginal ultrasound to better see how far along the baby is you think? I have an ultrasound scheduled for Dec. 16th, but I’m wondering if that will be too far down the line to tell the approximate due date? I’ve read where the further along you are the harder it is to tell how far along you are I believe? 
  • Hi @RachLaw217 and Congratulations. If it was only light bleeding on the 3 days in October it could very well be implantation bleeding. I got pregnant straight after my withdrawal bleed from coming off the pill and when i went for what i thought was my 10 weeks scan i was actually only 8 weeks, was you doing ovulation strips? That would give you an indication on when you conceived.  At my 8 week scan they gave me the due date of 12th may and then i had a scan at 13 weeks and they also said the 12th may. So i wouldnt worry that the due date wouldnt be accurate hun. X
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