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Nausea and hunger 6 weeks pregnant

Hi All
I am around 6 weeks pregnant and the past few days I have been nauseous which gets worse with hunger...but I have little appetite to eat anything! Has anyone ever experienced this before or have any tips? I've read a few suggestions to eat little often and have small snacks at hand if it starts up


  • Yep, unfortunately that's pretty common! I went off a lot of foods but hunger definitely made the nausea a lot worse, so I ate a lot of toast with peanut butter, marmite or jam, or just bread and butter, or bowls of cereal, you can try cutting your meals in half and splitting them over two sittings to spread it out a bit.. don't worry too much about if you're getting the right mix of food, just find what works for you for now :)
    I also later discovered extra strong mints helped me, but my nausea had started to wane by itself by then, so I don't know if they'd have helped at the worst point.

    Good luck :)
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