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Could I Be pregnant or is it PMS??

Ok. I am 31 years old. I need some type of feedback ladies. My Ex and I had sex Oct 31 and Nov 3. Both nights he came inside of me. He has never done that before. I had just come off my period around Oct 22nd. Around Nov 7/8 I started to get sore boobs and get real moody and cramps. I was thinking maybe pms came early but not sure. Its now the 19th and my boobs are still very sore to the point where I have on a sports bra. My stomach has been cramping since a week after he came inside of me. Sometimes at night I curl up. It’s more of a burning aching sore feeling and I just need a pillow next to me. I never had period cramps like this, ever. I barely cramp tbh.I will say my boobs ALWAYS GET SORE during pms so that’s a tough one to gage but the nipples this time feel tingly. I am more tired and I do eat a lot but it can also be pms symptoms. I took a test last Sunday and on Tuesday both said negative. Still no period though. My nipples feel weird but no darkening as I am already melanated so I don’t see a difference. Idk if I just want to be pregnant or if I am. My body definitely feels different but my vagina feels like my period could drop at any moment! But why cramping throughout the day for two whole weeks and still? That’s weird. Idk y’all.... oh yea I did have headaches but they stopped this week. Hmmm I’m just curious as to what you think???
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