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Faint positive line or no?? HELP PLEASE

So I posted already and got no response. I got my period last month on the 17th/18th. Had sex and my ex came in me on Oct 31, and nov 3rd. I started experiencing cramping and sore boobs a week after. No period. I took two test both negative. Last week... then I took another test today! But it’s negative but you can see a little line tried to come. Idk idk. Breast more heavy and full. Still cramping still no sign of a period I’m freaking out 


  • I can see a very faint line but with blue dye tests and pictures it's always difficult to see whether it's got any colour to it or not (if no colour then its an evap line and the test isn't valid).
    Sounds like you could be pregnant with dates and symptoms but early pregnancy symptoms can be similar to period ones. I would get a pink dye test and try again in 48 hours - if you are pregnant there should be more of a visible line as HcG levels double every 48 hours.

    Best of luck x
  • Thanks for your response. I keep getting white discharge thinking it’s my period but it isn’t. And if this is prementrual symptoms I have never experienced cramps like this before. They are better now but last week was kinda instense. I’ll give it some more time. Thank you again 
  • They’re unreliable tests and I don’t see anything I’m afraid :/ try a first response xx
  • I've seen from other posts that increased white discharge around when your period is due has been a sign for a lot of women who have then gone on to get pregnant! Like I said a pink dye test should give you a bit more of a clearer answer and try and use your wee from first thing in the morning to give a better result! :) 
  • I tried first response last week on last sun and Tuesday both negative. Still cramping and a little tingles under my belly bottom sometimes. Today I have to wear a sports bra cause of boobs. I feel like I am but the test say no.  This is giving me anxiety. :/
  • Thank you and yes I did urinate top of morning. Although I drink a lot of water always. Been more thirsty do definitely throughout the night. 
  • So are you late for this period? Because I’ve just used a calculator and it would make you around 4/5 weeks.. but tests would be showing atleast a faint line by now 🥺. Maybe re test in a week xx
  • 100% looks like a positive to me. The line is faint but clear. Did you do a first response test?
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