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Bleeding early pregnancy gender?

I'm currently 9 weeks with my second and I have experienced brown spotting had a scan and no explanation . I had the same with ds1 and all was fine. 

My question is if you had bleeding in your pregnancies did you have 2 of the same gender I'm wondering if this is how my body deals with boys lol. I had a mmc in March and had no bleeding. 



  • I dont know that theory   but all pregnancies are different. We shouldn't rely on amy symptoms regarding gender , as some pregnancies may be similar but some are different. For example i never bled with my first daughter , I did with this one. I was vomiting a lot with my first pregnancy and I'm vomiting now some symptoms can be the same but it doesn't mean it will be the same gender.
  • I have two boys, didn’t have spotting with my first but had brownish spotting with my second at 4-5 weeks with my second. So isn’t necessarily an indication of gender x 
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