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When did you start to feel pregnant or start having symptoms?

Hey all, 

so I am 7 weeks 4 days pregnant and I do not feel pregnant at all! 

When I got my BFP at weeks 4/5 I felt extreme hunger For a week and at around 6 weeks one night my stomach was cramping and the next morning my stomach was very firm for 4 days. 

However, both of the above symptoms disappeared quick, and I do not feel anything now, no morning sickness, no breast tenderness, no fatigue, nothing.

When did you start to feel pregnant or when did your symptoms start? 

Thanks xx


  • My sickness started around week 7 or 8, prior to that I had stretching cramps but nothing too severe.
    I've also got several friends who've told me they never really suffered with routine sickness, just occasional, so don't worry yourself too much that you aren't feeling anything. Xx
  • Hey @CurrentCatMum thanks for your reply. I just hope everything is okay! I just want some kind of indication as I just feel normal xx
  • About 3w, but had insomnia by 4w which is a dead giveaway for me. I don’t feel super pregnant but sometimes more tired/weak and def out of breath on the stairs. I get a little nervous when I feel ok for a few hours 😆 but honestly, lots of women have no symptoms except missed period for a while 
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